Here's a response from a customer when I asked if she had a testimonial for me to post on my website:

Oh man the testimonials wouldn't stop.....I just cleaned my car with the enviro cloth-wow!I used the descaler on my shower doors & gross glass cup full of hard water & they are both still clean & this was a week ago!!!!!  I will have a party soon to show people how these things work!  I don't know if you remember but I had spilled olive oil all over my window- yep that cleaned up with the enviro cloth then window cloth!!!I am excited about getting more products now!!!!
When I was at my dad's a couple weekends ago, I cleaned his shower with the Norwex Descaler and the Cleaning Paste.  He had told me he usually sprays toilet bowl cleaner on it.  The toilet bowl cleaner gets it clean, but you can't stand being in the room to clean because your eyes burn so bad!  He said the Descaler smelled like the toilet bowl cleaner but certainly not as strong.

It took a 2-3 times of spraying the Descaler, waiting 5-10 minutes, and wiping it down with a damp Enviro Cloth.  Then we used some Cleaning Paste on the Enviro Cloth in the extra difficult areas that were still a little orange.  The pictures are worth a thousand words.
Plastic shower surround before it met the Norwex Descaler, Cleaning Paste, and Enviro Cloth!
Plastic shower surround cleaned with 2-3 applications of the Norwex Descaler, and minimal scrubbing with the Enviro Cloth & Cleaning Paste.
Can't seem to get rid of that cloudy residue on all the shiny fixtures in your house?  Norwex Descaler will remove it quickly and easily!
Artwork courtesy of Norwex Sales Consultant, Tricia Drury.
Norwex Descaler Review Results Before After
I love the body cloth I won at Lindsey's Norwex party!  One thing I like most is how convenient it is. Whether I've had a long day and am tired, in a hurry, or just getting home from a run, I love being able to wet a cloth and wash my face and clean up quickly and easily.  It works very well and even takes make-up off. Best of all it leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. I would recommend it to everyone!!
Try it for yourself and never use facial cleanser again!
Don't waste any time getting your gas stove-top clean with a spirinett and a little cleaning paste.
Artwork courtesy of Norwex Sales Consultant, Tricia Drury.
Stovetop Cleaning Paste Spirinett Norwex
Thank you for letting us try the cleaning paste on our car's front bumper. Someone backing out of the garage scraped the edge of the garage door frame and white paint embedded into bumper.  Rubbing the paste onto bumper removed the unsightly paint and now looks great!!! Amazing!!

Check out the cleaning paste for yourself!  One tub will last a lifetime!
It's 10:16 p.m., WAY past my bedtime, especially considering the fact that I have to get up at 3:30 a.m. to catch a train to Chicago...anyhoo, I had to tell you that I mopped my whole floor for the first time with the wet mop, and SERIOUSLY, my floor has not been this clean since we had the floor installed 2 years ago!  It feels so nice walking on it...even my kids noticed the difference.  I cannot believe how clean my floor is!  It really got me thinking more about the Norwex party and what the products claimed to do.  I am sold...I want the kitchen towels, the window wipes, and anything else!  I have always believed in avoiding toxics cleansers, especially in the kitchen, where we prepare food...but really want things to be sanitized too.  I have been a big fan of baking soda as a cleanser, and vinegar to get rid of lime scale...but Windex is the one thing I can't seem to get by without.  So...I really need the Norwex towels, if they work as well as the mop does, I won't need anything but water for my whole kitchen.
I was also thinking about the company Norwex, and what it stands for, and how I would love to spread the word to my friends and family.  I would like to have a party as soon as I am able, and "sell" it to them as a free educational class, because that is what I think of it.  It really is more of an educational class. Anyway, I'll talk to you later, I am so to get to bed!  I'll probably type something up when i'm on the 8 hour train ride!

Check out the floor system for yourself!

Lindsey's Norwex - Clean You Can Count On